Our creative services can take your project to the next level.

Concept Art & 3D Modeling

 Let our talented team of artists take your idea and turn it into reality using professional techniques and industry standard software.

3D Scanning

We utilize a 3D laser scanning system for creating perfect 3D digital copies of virtually any physical object.  Once scanned, the objects can be scaled or modified.

Hot Wire Cutters

Boasting industrial strength construction along with top of the line speed and accuracy and capable of 2D, flat, spiral and lathe cuts, our Hot Wire Cutters are a path to improved quality.

Electronics Integration

Let us add LEDs, interactive/pneumatic options and more to your project.

4 Axis CNC Machine

Our 4 Axis CNC Foam Router allows us to create pieces up to 4′ diameter and 8″ length in one run.  Create larger and more intricate pieces than ever before.

7 Axis CNC Machine – “Zoe”

Our new 7 Axis CNC robotic arm can create pieces up to 17 ft tall and 14 ft wide in one run.  Besides foam, our new arm, which is named ‘Zoe’, can cut wood, aluminum and metal, all within +/- 0.003 tolerances. She adds a full line of capabilities to our shop!

To truly create a memorable experience it requires a variety of creative services.

Sculpting. 3D printing.
Electronics integrations.
Custom software development.
We can do it all.

Our services span the full creative spectrum. How can we help take your project to the next level?